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Declawing Announcement


As a designated Cat Friendly Practice, we demonstrate a unique ability to treat and handle feline patients gently and with respect. It is our mission to implement the highest standards of care and stay ahead by offering the best practices in feline medicine.

As we continue to provide you and your cat with the best possible care, Cat Clinic of Kokomo is proud to announce that we will no longer be offering declawing procedures!

Feline declawing is an elective and ethically controversial procedure that entails the amputation of a cat’s third phalanx (P3), or third ‘toe bone’. Recent scientific studies have shown that even when done correctly, and with excellent pain management, declawing can cause life-long pain and increased behavior problems in cats.

Declawing is not medically necessary in most instances, and the vast majority of “undesirable” scratching behaviors can be eradicated through regular claw trimming, meeting cat’s environmental needs, and training.

It is our responsibility to aid our valued clients in making an informed medical decision in the best interest of their cats. This includes providing them with accessible and easy-to implement declawing alternatives.

Scratching is a completely normal and natural feline behavior with an inherent function. The primary reason cats scratch is to maintain the necessary claw motion used in hunting and climbing. Cats also scratch as a means of visual and olfactory (scent) communication, to stretch their body, and remove old nail growth.

Ending elective declawing procedures is a crucial decision and commitment for Cat Clinic of Kokomo, and we are here to guide you through decisions regarding your cat’s health. Please contact us to discuss your questions and concerns please call us at (765) 454-7570.

You can also access a number of helpful resources, including educational brochures, flyers, scratching post/pad recommendations, and more at Cat Friendly.

Thank you for your support we are proud of our decision to put the health and welfare of your cat first!